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We help hiring teams  tap into recommendations of trusted senior leaders.

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Why Endorsed?

Endorsed helps you quickly create quality top of the funnel of candidates who are already reference checked! It will save you tons of effort, time and heart burn.

How does it work?

Our network of professionals has managed and led great teams in the past. They share their recommendations with us so that their former colleagues can attract great opportunities.

You do not pay anything upfront to tap into their recommendations. If you do end up hiring someone endorsed by a professional, we are sure you will reward them for their good deed.

How do I get started?

Write to with your JD and we will share a qualified outbound list with you within 48 hours FOR FREE. We will also make intros with candidates wherever possible.

Who is this for?

Endorsed is primarily for mission-driven organisations who are looking for high impact professionals and can pay top of the market for talent. Ideally, you have $5M+ in revenue or have raised at least $1M in venture funding.

Can I monetise my network with Endorsed?

Yes. To join our network of trusted professionals, write to us with a link to your LinkedIn profile and we will let you know within 48 hours if you are accepted as a trusted professional in Endorsed network?